The Benefits of Using a Laser Cutter

Laser cutting technologies are typically used in the industrial and manufacturing settings, but they are increasingly used by hobbyists, small businesses and schools, among many others. A laser cutter works by directing a high-powered laser beam through optics and CNC (computer numerical controls). Increased laser power, higher cutting speeds, better edge quality and diminished operating costs have opened the door to the small-scale use of laser cutting technology. Read on to learn more about laser cutting and its benefits.

The Widespread Use of Laser Cutting Systems

Laser cutters are growing in popularity among small companies, as they’re used to make prototypes and low-production items. Laser welding and cutting technologies have significantly improved since the technology was discovered over 50 years ago; today, it is used to quickly cut sheet metal and form top-quality welds. The adaptability of laser technology has led to the use of five-axis cutting and robotic processing in multiple areas such as medical device and automobile manufacturing. Laser cutting can eliminate the need for additional machining in many applications, which can make it easier for small companies to cut manufacturing costs.

The Biggest Benefits of Laser Cutting

As mentioned previously, laser cutting has tremendous benefits in the production setting. These include:

  • The capability to cut materials at varying thicknesses
  • Cutting a narrow kerf width, which makes it easier to use materials more efficiently in the industrial setting
  • Speed
  • Accurate repetition, which makes it ideal for creating a high number of identical parts
  • Reliability
  • Reduced set-up time, along with the ability to quickly adapt and react to market- or quantity-driven changes in production needs
  • Efficient processing—multiple parts and jobs can be cut in one program
  • A diminished need for secondary cleanup on most materials, as the laser cutting process leaves them ready for shipment

Try Laser Cutting for Easier Manufacturing

As one can see, there are many applications for and benefits of laser cutting technology. To learn more about the process and its benefits for businesses of all sizes, contact a local provider of laser cutting equipment. By learning about this great technology, users can determine how to maximize its benefits while minimizing costs.