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Do you like to trial game online? Have you purchased cheap games off of the discount rack only to find out after it was installed that the graphics were poor, the games was boring, and then you never really played it anymore? Have you just bought a new computer and don’t like the programs that were pre-installed? Part of good home computer maintenance is keeping your computer free from unwanted or unneeded programs that are not used and remain on your computer taking up valuable space and resources.

Removing these programs is not difficult,wndows provides a tool that makes it easy to find and remove the programs. However, when these programs are uninstalled many times the registry keys are not properly cleaned. So, as part of your home cmputer maintenance routine you’ll need to have a good quality registry cleaning software since manually editing the registry could be hazardous, or fatal, to your computer if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. Many times you’ll download a free trial game, or other software, that you are only able to use for a certain period of time and then the program is forgotten about and gets lost in the background. These programs may not take up much space on your hard drive, but they will build up and can diminish the performance of your computer over time. Even if you don’t see these programs and have deleted the shortcuts to them off of your desktop that doesn’t mean they’re not still on your computer taking up space. Your computer still has to process the program’s information and settings. During your home computer maintenance routine you can click on the start button and look for control panel, or right click on My Computer and click on “explore” to look for the control panel. Once you find the control panel click on add or remove programs and a window will come up with a list of all the programs installed on your computer.

Scroll through the list of programs and you can identify which games, or other software, that you have installed and no longer use. When you click on the program it will highlight and there will be a button that says change/remove, click this button and follow the prompts to uninstall the program. Sometimes, on larger programs you will be prompted to restart your computer after the uninstall, go ahead and restart your computer to finish. On new computers you may want to get rid of some of the programs that were installed from the factory that you will never use. Now you have just freed up valuable disk space on your computer, but you must be aware that there will be registry entries, that at this point, belong to what are now deleted programs. These registry entries are not harmful to your computer however, they will clutter the registry and slow processing time. If you are not familiar with editing the registry it is strongly suggested that you do not try, as any mistakes can cause your computer to act erratic or completely crash. It would be a good idea for you to purchase a good registry cleaning software package, or try to find a good free registry cleaning software. There are some good free registry cleaners available, but you need to be careful when shopping around for them because you could contract spyware that you do not want, or download a free scanner that will tell you what it found but will not finish the job until you purchase the full software. The ideal thing that you would want to do is invest a small amount of money in a good all-in-one home computer maintenance and security software package that will clean, scan, protect, and secure your computer keeping it running like the day you took it out of the box. If you take your home computer maintenance seriously, you should be able to get the full life out of your computer that you paid for without the problems and headaches that a cluttered and infested computer will bring.

Computer Maintenance to Keep Your PC Healthy

Computer maintenance is an important job that should be followed regularly to keep you PC performance like brand new. So let’s look at the key rule that should be followed for Computer maintenance. So lets’ follow some PC etiquette:

Most of us has common practice to take our hand to the power button or restart button of the system to shut down it. But this is absolutely wrong. So before making shutdown you need to close all the windows.

Never, never, turn your computer off with the power switch until Windows has shut down. However you may some time find your PC locks or hard drive not in function so at that time there is no option. It will avoid any hard drive crash and Windows problems.

Don’t give direct power from the cable, since the voltage may fluctuate at any time and these may create sometimes problems. So its suggested to connect an UPS ( Uninterrupted power supply) for your system. The UPS prevent sudden data lost avoid any disaster.

Keep taking backup of your system on external hard drive, Zip disks or CD-Rws etc. It will support you in case of any hard disk failure. For Computer maintenance it is highly recommended to use system utility application such as Scandisk and Defragmenter on a regular basis. This will retain the hard disk capacity for longer time and prevent any hard disk crash in future. Separate software are also available in the market like Norton Utilities that can take care of your hard disk.

Unplugging of the peripheral devices such as speaker or camcorder etc should not be done when it is powered on. It may lead to short out of the connector socket or the motherboard. Using this etiquette will help in Computer maintenance.

Its recommended to always maintain free space on your C: for Computer maintenance. It will help in the comfortable functioning of the Operating System. About 400-600 MBs free space should be kept.

For Computer maintenance its necessary that you don’t keep undesirable programs in your start-up menu. Some time you may find some unnecessary programs jumping with the Startup. These Start up programs can be managed according to need. If you don’t need any programs then you have the option to get it disable from the Control Panel of the System. This is pretty simple to do. Go to the Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs and then scroll through the list and highlight those application which you don’t require and then click on “Remove” option.

This action will minimize the system load, during startup and will save the system resource and will help in Computer maintenance. Hence your system speed will be enhanced.

For Computer maintenance it is required to keep updated software of Anti – Virus, Anti – Spyware and Anti – Malware programs on your system. Your Firewall should be enabled.

Computer Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining Your Computer

Your computer, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop, will run smoothly and give you years of use if you maintain it properly. Just like a car needs its oil changed periodically, a computer needs its “trash” taken out in more ways than one. Over time, files get written to your disk (eg. internet files, temporary files, programs). For this reason it’s important that you establish a maintenance routine and make sure it gets done at least once a month.

Old, Unused Programs…

The first item on your maintenance checklist should be a review of all the programs that are loaded onto the computer. You may see tool bars, media players you don’t use or an outdated program. Remove any item on the list that you no longer use or is unwanted. You can even prioritize a list by based on use. This will help you find the most seldom used programs on your machine.

Delete Files on Your Internet Browsers…

Next you’ll want to get rid of the all the cookies and temporary files that are also taking up space. Cookies are little packages of tracking software that sites use to identify your computer. You will probably want to keep some cookies because they let you access sites you go to often without having to enter your membership information every time. You’ll be surprised at the hundreds of cookies listed and even more surprised that you only recognize a few of the names. This is because every ad that pops up on your computer sets a cookie, as do advertising banners on sites that you visit. You can collect thousands of these cookies over a period of weeks! Cleaning them out selectively or just clearing the whole lot of them will help your computer run faster.

Your internet browser cache may also slow down your computer. Ironically, it also speeds things up when you access a page that you’ve been to before. If you visit Joe’s Trucking page you computer will store (cache) a copy of that page so that when you access it again it will load quickly. Unfortunately, your cache also uses up memory and can slow down your computer as it grows. It is always a good idea to clear your cache every few weeks before it starts to slow down your computer.

Clean your registry…

(Back up your registry before deleting entries!!!)

Deleting items from your registry is not recommended unless you know what you are doing. Deleting the wrong entry can cause problems for your computer or a program. However, there are programs that scan the registry and bring up a list of invalid registry entries which make it easy(and relatively safe) for the inexperienced user to clean up. A registry full of broken links and out of date files can actually crash your computer. Considering that you add more than a thousand entries to your computer’s registry during one day of web surfing, cleaning it on a monthly basis is almost essential.

Prevent Malware and Viruses…

If you don’t have an antivirus program running on your computer there are several good ones you can buy or download for free. This program will help keep your computer free of viruses and Trojan horse programs that can destroy it so it’s important to update it and scan your hard drive regularly.

You’ll also need a malware program to protect your computer. Malware is software that is programmed to harm your computer and compromise your privacy. You can pick it up through an attachment in an email or even from downloading legitimate programs on the internet. Many antivirus programs contain malware protection but having a specialized program to detect and eliminate malware is the best protection you can have. As with your anti-virus software, be sure to keep it updated and scan your computer regularly.

Update Windows…

It doesn’t matter which version of windows you are running; keeping the operating system up to date is a must when talking about computer maintenance and security. Microsoft puts out updates on a regular basis to ensure all users are protected from viruses and malware, in addition to some improved features. It is recommended that you turn “Automatic Windows updates” on, so this can be done for you at a time you prefer, as it is easy to forget to update Windows.

Defragment your hard drive…

Now that everything else is in order, it’s time to defragmenting your hard drive. Defragging rearranges your files in such a way that improves the efficiency of your drive. Drives become disorderly as you create and delete data such as Word documents or when you download or remove programs. The process will speed up your computer but it’s quite lengthy and many people prefer to let their computer defrag overnight. If you have a Microsoft operating system you have a built-in defragger but most professionals think it leaves a lot to be desired. There are several free and shareware defragging programs that you might want to investigate. Depending on what you do with your computer defragging may not need to be done very often. For the basic user, defragging every 3-6 may be all you need.

Computer Virus Removal is an Important Part of Computer Maintenance

Some of the computer problems may be spontaneous and there may be nothing the user could have done to prevent it. Still, there are many things that a user can do to ensure proper computer maintenance. Some of these are, not overloading the computer with too many programs, routinely deleting unnecessary files, optimizing the browser, occasional disk cleaning, keeping the computer clean and allowing air flow around it, and computer virus removal.

Most of the users routinely manage ordinary things like disk cleaning, deleting of unnecessary files, and maintaining the computer room in the right temperature. However, they are often powerless against the entry of computer viruses into their program as these can easily spread through email attachments or instant messaging. The fact that the system has been infected becomes evident only when the computer becomes slow, or does not respond properly, or locks up frequently. Computer virus removal then becomes a must.

What a user can do by way of computer maintenance for minimizing computer virus removal is having an antivirus program installed in the machine. The user should also ensure that the antivirus software is continuously updated because viruses progressively increase in strength and versatility and a program that is completely up-to-date is necessary to combat them.

Keeping the firewall turned on is an important part of computer maintenance. Sneaking in of malicious programs to the computer can be controlled substantially by having an active firewall. It will also ensure that outsiders do not have access to the data stored in your computer. In an office network firewalls can also be used to block the employees’ access to entertainment sites during office hours.

Better computer maintenance will also be affected by keeping the operating system up to date. Further, every computer user should be extremely careful about opening email attachments that come from unidentified sources. These are the primary carriers of viruses even when a machine has got a good operating system and latest antivirus software.

Installing antispyware software is also important in computer maintenance. These will prevent unwanted pop-ups, will minimize interference from other programs, and will thus provide real-time protection. Antispyware programs have a monitoring system that can detect unwelcome programs, and recommend action against them.

Even when all the computer maintenance rules are followed, a machine might still get infected, necessitating computer virus removal. So far as the infected file is unimportant and can be deleted, the virus can be easily removed. If the file is important and cannot be removed, disinfecting the file could sometimes work though this may not be possible in the case of all viruses. It might then become necessary to reformat the computer entirely.

Besides standard computer virus removal programs, there are also virus removal tools designed to remove specific viruses. While it may not be practical for individual users to buy or download these different things in their PCs, many computer repair companies will be having an array of such tools in addition to routine computer virus removal programs. During emergencies their help will ensure that your infected data is not lost.

Maintenance Can Keep Problems Away

Keeping your computer well maintained will lessen the need for costly repair services and keep it in good working order. If you are not good at keeping your computer maintained, you will definitely need the assistance of a computer repair company. Computer repair companies handle many computer maintenance issues as well as severe computer problems. In truth, keeping a computer maintained is the responsibility of the owner, although not everyone is great at doing this. By following these tricks, you can keep your computer in good working order and avoid most costly repair bills.

The first step in maintenance is deleting files from your computer that are not needed or used. By doing this often, your chances of the need for computer repair are slim. Using the disk to clean up files on a frequent basis is a good idea. This will clear out any files that are not in use or outdated. The other thing that needs to be done is delete any temporary files. These are often stored on your hard drive and take up unnecessary space. Storing information on a computer is something everyone does, but there comes a time when some of that information can be deleted. Deleting antiquated information will free up space on your computer as well. If you are not comfortable removing the data, you can always store it on a disk for future use.

Another computer maintenance option is freeing up space by deleting programs that are not used. You will also not want to download programs that are not necessary for your computer to function, or for you to work. A lot of programs on a computer will make the computer run slower and may cause problems in the future. There are times many programs are necessary, for example in a business. In these cases, the programs should be stored on a computer with the most space and memory to avoid any problems. Your home computer can be maintained by not installing unneeded programs, or downloading programs from sites you do not trust. This is where good antivirus software will come into play.

Keeping your antivirus software up to date and run frequently is a great tool for maintenance. By running this software often, your computer will search for files and data that are harmful to your computer and not needed. While surfing the Internet, your computer saves the websites that you look at and open. By deleting these files, known as cookies, you will free up space on your computer and also make it run faster as the files are no longer taking up needed space on your computer.

One of the keys of maintenance is keeping the hardware of your computer clean and safe. A spilled drink or crumbs from your lunch can cause many problems in your computer that are unavoidable. Maintaining the hardware of your computer will keep it in good working order. These are a few tricks for good computer maintenance. If a problem every does arise, know there are repair services available that can help.

Simple Computer Maintenanc

What do you know about the perfect computer maintenance? In this case, there are many different things you need to know. Why should you maintain the great work of your computer regularly? The main reason is because it can help you to keep the good work of your computer for the long term. So, you can use the computer for years and enjoy its great functions to support your daily works. However, some people are still clueless with the best maintenance solution for their computer at home. The following explanation will tell you more about it.

The first thing you need to know about computer best maintenance tips is about the blackout possibility. What can you do when the blackout happened? Saving the data is all you need to do. But, we cannot always do it. So, we can provide UPS. It stands for the Uninterrupted Power Supply/Source. What is it for? This equipment is very useful to perform the function as alternative energy when the blackout happened. It is the provider of emergency power you can rely on. It can help you to keep the good work of the hardisk and even the motherboard due to the frequent blackout. The UPS will give you the time to save your files.

The regular cleaning will be really great to do. You must clean up the computer from dirt and dust. Please do not place the CPU on the floor, since it can increase the risks of dust entering the CPU. Please remember that the accumulated dirt can influence the system inside the computer too. You need to pay attention to such small things, since it can bring the big risks for your computer. If you feel trouble to clean up the keyboard and other parts of your PC, it is highly recommended to buy vacuum cleaner special for computer. It will do the cleaning duty very well than the human being can do.

The next thing you need to do to maintain the great work of your computer is to avoid the water exposure. Be careful when you are drinking water, since it can cause short trouble which will disturb your work. In some cases, people must replace their keyboard with the new one due to the fatal error of their computer system. The next essential thing you need to do is to provide the lightning rod. The magnetic field should be avoided as well. It can disturb the CPU and monitor in performing the good function to support your work. The last but the most important thing is to provide the anti virus to provide the best protections to your computer from any threats which is potential to destroy the system. What about you?

Are They the Most Important Computer Maintenance Tools?

There are four very important tools we may need to use from time to time in order to keep our computers working the best they possibly can. Of all these tools we have available, probably the registry repair tool is the most often overlooked one. This is true even though it performs an invaluable function. In this article, we will explain what this function is and why it is of the utmost importance!

Two very important maintenance tools we need to use on our computers are a virus scanner and a spyware scanner. Nowadays, usually most spyware scanners take care of deleting viruses and most virus scanners will delete spyware as well.

Actually these virus/spyware cleaners are probably the most important computer maintenance tool. This is because viruses are out to kill your computer altogether and spyware is out to steal private information about you. Let’s face it, the damage spyware could do to you would go way beyond the cost of your computer! Though virus and spyware cleaners are usually contained in one package they are two of the most important computer maintenance tools.

A Somewhat Overlooked Tool

It seems no one defragments their hard drives anymore. The reason for this is a Windows defragger takes forever to go through the entire hard drive and arrange the files in their proper order. Because of this, there are now third-party software programs that do the job in a fraction of the time. Defragmenting your hard drive is an important computer maintenance operation.

Why? Because when we delete files from our hard drive they are not always files that are removed from the end of the chain so to speak. So as we delete files, we are sort of leaving information holes on our hard drive. Then, when we save our next file, it is saved into the holes that were left behind by our last the deleted file.

After some time, pieces of files tend to become spread out all over our hard drive. When our operating system needs to retrieve these files it has to look all over for them, put them back together and then store them in our RAM. This process uses much of the computer’s resources and thereby tends to make the computer look as if it is operating slowly.

The antidote to this is to defragment the hard drive. Defragmenting puts all the files back in order. No longer will Windows have to search all over for files because everything will be in order after the hard drive has been defragmented. So, the defragger is probably the most underused maintenance tool we have at our disposal today.

A Very Overlooked Tool!

Though a fragmented hard drive will make your computer go slower, it won’t cause a fraction of the problems a corrupt registry will cause! A corrupt registry will not only make your computer run very slowly, it could possibly make the computer stop altogether. On top of this, it will make the computer prone to freezing and crashing. It will also commit all types of errors so you will see error messages popping up on your screen frequently.

The registry cleaner is the registry repair tool you need to clean corruption out of your registry. Once you have the registry cleaned, the crashes, error pop-ups, freezes and slowdowns will stop. After this, it is just a matter of using the registry repair tool periodically to keep your registry clean.

All of these tools are important computer maintenance tools. However, most of us already have spyware and virus protection on our computers and though defraggers serve an important function, a hard drive that is not defragmented won’t shut computers down altogether like registry corruption could. Therefore, it is the registry repair tool, or registry cleaner that is the most overlooked and under used computer maintenance tool. It is important to know, if your computer is acting up and you don’t have a registry cleaner installed on it, it is time to install one.

Computer Maintenance Is Necessary For A Healthy Computer

Whether we are a computer lover or a computer hater, one thing is for sure. When we are using a computer, we want it to work and work well. How frustrating it is when we are working on the computer and all of a sudden it slows down to a crawl, or it becomes unstable to the point where we have to reboot the system, possibly losing any unsaved work. Experiences like these cause the birth of many computer haters. So how can we use our computers to in a way that will help minimize these unwanted situations? What actions can we take to help our computer age gracefully? Good computer maintenance is absolutely necessary if our computer is to be useful for its whole life. What are some ways to keep our computer up and running fast?

One way, and probably the most important, is to install proper anti-malware software on your system. It should be a program that can not only search for and delete malware on your computer but also protect you in realtime from being infected by it in the first place. So make sure that you get software that has both of these features, as some today do not. Malware can affect your computer in multiple ways. Many times it will cause it to run slower since it is using your computer’s memory resources. Viruses are known for deleting data that your computer needs to run efficiently. Once it is deleted, your computer may start to crawl or become totally unusable. Other types of malware, such as spyware, run in the background attempting to collect your personal data. Obviously, this will take a toll on your computer’s performance. Worms are often used to slow networks down by clogging up the data being transferred on over the network. So for these reasons, you do not want malware on your system at all.

So now we know the evils of malware. What about all of the other data on your computer? Over the course of a computer’s life, programs are installed, photographs and videos are transferred to its hard drive, office documents are written, pictures are drawn. What happens to all of those files? Well, they can start to cause your computer’s performance to noticeably drop. Why is that? When files are accessed on a computer, your computer may take the file and change its location on the memory when the file is being run. This allows your file to run faster at the time that it is being used. However, over time, a computer may take different files from one program and spread them all around your computer’s hard drive. This actually causes your computer to access these programs slower since it has to look at different areas of memory for all the files needed to run the program. To help with this computer problem, a program was created to put these files back into adjacent positions in the memory so that when the computer is accessing the hard drive to find these files, they are all in one spot. Thus, the computer does not have to look all over, cutting down on the time it takes to start a program. This program is called Disk Defragmenter.

What Is Computer Maintenance

Most companies rely on their computer networks to provide meaningful assistance in the delivery of top quality services. Equipment failure might have disastrous consequences on the profit of any company. This is because such an undesirable occurrence puts on hold the normal unfolding of the activity of the whole staff. Computer maintenance activities are performed to avoid exactly this, the tragic consequences of equipment damage.

Computer maintenance can be preventive and corrective. Preventive maintenance is done with the purpose of avoiding system problems from taking place. It includes data backup, hardware maintenance as well as timely checks meant to detect viruses and file system corruption. Though few people have the habit of practicing it, preventive maintenance is very important if you do not want to spend exorbitant amounts of money on new components or repair services in case your computer system undergoes a severe breakdown. Also, preventive maintenance procedures require less time than troubleshooting and repair procedures and can protect your data against major losses.

In order to make sure that preventive maintenance is conducted at the right time, it would be useful to establish a preventive maintenance schedule. The latter will help you remember the exact dates when various preventive maintenance activities need to be carried out. It is important to understand that there is no fixed schedule in what concerns the execution of such tasks. The frequency with which they are performed depends on the type of every system as well as on how that system is being used.

Unlike preventive maintenance, diagnostic or corrective maintenance is performed to amend a problem that already exists. This type of upkeep is executed when the system’s equipment can no longer function. More often than not, corrective maintenance involves serious expenses and can affect the overall productivity of any company by bringing it to a very low level.

IT support companies are aware of the existence of such needs and, consequently, they have specialized in the execution of both preventive and corrective computer maintenance procedures. Signing an outsourcing contract with such a company can be an inspired decision for the long-term growth of your business. IT firms send their own specialists to perform revisions to your hardware and software equipment on a periodical basis. They also offer rapid support via their own call centers where help desk specialists are waiting to hear your inquiries. so, if you have a company and you would like to protect it against any computer related problems then you should hire the services of a computer maintenance company.

Computer Maintenance

Our computers and laptops are just like appliances. Appliances need to be cleaned and maintained in order to work well. There are things in the house that need to be maintained so that you can use it for a long time. Just like our cars, we bring it to auto repair shops so we can see if there are any problems or we simply bring them there for maintenance. It needs to be checked so that we can prevent further damage if there are any broken parts. This is a way for it to work at its best. When it comes to computers, this has to be done also. For it to work properly, you have to do some computer simple maintenance,.

When we use our computers, we can do so many things. We can type, surf the net, chat, send mails, watch movies, download music and other things. Because there are so many things that we do with it, a lot of things can happen also. Since we spend a lot of time online, there could be unwanted programs and applications that could enter our system. Also, since we download different files, there is also a possibility wherein you download files with an unwanted virus. That is why computer maintenance is important so you can see and remove these things.

What do you do when you maintain something? You check every part of the object and you look for all the problems that it may have. If repairs are needed, then you must do all the things necessary for it to be fixed. For the computers, what are things that you need to do for its maintenance? Here are the things you must do:

• Run an anti-virus/computer scan every week if you use your computer often

• Delete all the virus that are found in the system

• Delete all unnecessary files

• Delete files that are unknown or files that is in your system that is not yours

• Remove or uninstall programs that you do not use

• If you use the internet, delete all temporary internet files. Although it can speed the loading time on some websites, it could take up a lot of space in your system

• Have a backup for your files so if you need to delete them from your main computer, you always have a backup

For a typical or regular computer user, these are the necessary things that they must do but for computer technicians, they do a lot of things for their computer maintenance. They have different programs that they use and they type and configure so many things. Those are for computer geeks and lovers but for ordinary users, you can simply have a weekly scan for viruses and other unwanted programs. That is the simplest and easiest way for your computer to work properly. Every user would want their computer to load fast and to work the way it is supposed to. For you to be able to enjoy your computers and laptops, just have regular computer maintenance.