Are They the Most Important Computer Maintenance Tools?

There are four very important tools we may need to use from time to time in order to keep our computers working the best they possibly can. Of all these tools we have available, probably the registry repair tool is the most often overlooked one. This is true even though it performs an invaluable function. In this article, we will explain what this function is and why it is of the utmost importance!

Two very important maintenance tools we need to use on our computers are a virus scanner and a spyware scanner. Nowadays, usually most spyware scanners take care of deleting viruses and most virus scanners will delete spyware as well.

Actually these virus/spyware cleaners are probably the most important computer maintenance tool. This is because viruses are out to kill your computer altogether and spyware is out to steal private information about you. Let’s face it, the damage spyware could do to you would go way beyond the cost of your computer! Though virus and spyware cleaners are usually contained in one package they are two of the most important computer maintenance tools.

A Somewhat Overlooked Tool

It seems no one defragments their hard drives anymore. The reason for this is a Windows defragger takes forever to go through the entire hard drive and arrange the files in their proper order. Because of this, there are now third-party software programs that do the job in a fraction of the time. Defragmenting your hard drive is an important computer maintenance operation.

Why? Because when we delete files from our hard drive they are not always files that are removed from the end of the chain so to speak. So as we delete files, we are sort of leaving information holes on our hard drive. Then, when we save our next file, it is saved into the holes that were left behind by our last the deleted file.

After some time, pieces of files tend to become spread out all over our hard drive. When our operating system needs to retrieve these files it has to look all over for them, put them back together and then store them in our RAM. This process uses much of the computer’s resources and thereby tends to make the computer look as if it is operating slowly.

The antidote to this is to defragment the hard drive. Defragmenting puts all the files back in order. No longer will Windows have to search all over for files because everything will be in order after the hard drive has been defragmented. So, the defragger is probably the most underused maintenance tool we have at our disposal today.

A Very Overlooked Tool!

Though a fragmented hard drive will make your computer go slower, it won’t cause a fraction of the problems a corrupt registry will cause! A corrupt registry will not only make your computer run very slowly, it could possibly make the computer stop altogether. On top of this, it will make the computer prone to freezing and crashing. It will also commit all types of errors so you will see error messages popping up on your screen frequently.

The registry cleaner is the registry repair tool you need to clean corruption out of your registry. Once you have the registry cleaned, the crashes, error pop-ups, freezes and slowdowns will stop. After this, it is just a matter of using the registry repair tool periodically to keep your registry clean.

All of these tools are important computer maintenance tools. However, most of us already have spyware and virus protection on our computers and though defraggers serve an important function, a hard drive that is not defragmented won’t shut computers down altogether like registry corruption could. Therefore, it is the registry repair tool, or registry cleaner that is the most overlooked and under used computer maintenance tool. It is important to know, if your computer is acting up and you don’t have a registry cleaner installed on it, it is time to install one.

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