A Clean Screen Is The Bee’s Knees

Just like every other part of your office, your computer screen should be cleaned regularly. Dust, grime and fingerprints all take a toll on its clarity and brightness. The best approach is to gently clean it every two or three weeks with a commercial lens and screen cleaning wipe. These wipes are specially designed to clean fragile screens without damaging them. Of course, there are multiple methods for cleaning your screen. Whichever technique you use, here are some mistakes to avoid:

  • Never use paper towels, tissues and napkins. These products are all made of wood fibers and can scratch your screen. Also, they are not lint-free and will leave debris behind on the screen.
  • Never use tap water, because the bountiful minerals in it can damage your screen. Instead, make sure to always use distilled water.
  • Never spray any cleaning solution directly onto your screen. If the liquid drips down to the base of the screen, it can permanently damage it.
  • Never press hard on your screen. Rather than scrubbing it, only use enough pressure to hold the cleaning cloth or wipe to the screen.
  • Never clean your screen before shutting down your computer. If it’s a laptop, unplug the power adaptor and remove the battery first.
  • Never use any cleaning solutions that contain ammonia or alcohol. They are too powerful for the sensitive components of most computer screens.

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